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Krista Detor

Workshops & Seminars

Quotes: Krista Detor Workshops, Lectures & Seminars

"Her incredible performance, wit and openness..opened my eyes.." - Danny Schader, Stanford University Student

"Thank you again, for your really brilliant, and helpful workshop...very inspiring it was!" - Brian Lalor, IMRO workshop attendee, Cork, Ireland

"Being a producer, I want to offer the best to my community. If you want to do the same, give this a try.  Krista gave the attendees a gift in that room.  Proud we tried it, happy she agreed to do it and still get positive feedback from all of the new friends in attendance that afternoon. Thank you Krista." - Bev Bowers, Producer and founder of Womensway of Kentucky-Ohio

"I'll long remember being part of your 'Canopy of Stars' songwriting workshop. It refreshed my soul.." - Shirley Shelton, Bell Trace Retirement Community Member, Indiana

“Krista is one of the very finest modern songwriters at writing within character… her understanding of the human condition and ability to express the motivation for her characters gives her songs real impact and resonance with the listener.” - Neil Pearson, Artists Development & Program Mgr., Cecil Sharp House, London, England

"This workshop taught me so many things and filled me with profound desire......desire to put my soul on I can craft it into melodies that haunt......that inspire.....that piss you off....that make you know you are loved! I'm grateful ...... so very grateful to be able to take advantage of so many opportunities. If I can give you one take away it would be this; It truly is never too late."
- B.J. Stahl, attendee, Krista Detor's 'Literature in Song' 2-hour songwriting workshop at Women Writing for a Change, Cincinnati.

"An inspired and inspiring creative artist who has led audiences here in tobar Mhuire on an imaginative mystery tour. Her ability to weave important life themes in and through great melodies has gained her much deserved attention. I hope more people in Ireland will do themselves a favour and  attend a concert or buy her album  and tap into an authenticity that is compelling´╗┐!"
- Fr. John Friel, Tobar Mhuire Retreat & Conference Center, Crossgar, Ireland

(and many more...)