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Krista Detor

Workshops & Seminars

WomensWay of Ohio/Kentucky Presents: The Wit & Wisdom of Women & Woods

WomensWay of OhioKentucky Presents The Wit  Wisdom of Women  Woods
August 17-19th, 2018

WomensWay of Ohio/Kentucky presents a Women's Writing Retreat like no other!

'The Wit & Wisdom of Women & Woods' is a program for all levels and kinds of writers, designed to push the boundaries of the creative process and loosen the constraints that can keep us from our best selves and our best stories. We'll focus on our connection to the natural world, and through it, our connection to the emerging Divine Feminine, while immersed in the beautiful wilderness of the southern Indiana woodlands.

Special guest authors, poets, and lecturers will provide workshop rotations for attendees, individual workshopping, collaborative opportunities, spoken-word performance, and much more. A Saturday evening special performance will include music and comedy, as well as a bonfire circle and gourmet treats!

The Retreat is limited to 12, and both of the residences have been booked by attendees in advance of the event.

We do, however, offer platform tent options, with access to washroom/shower facilities and kitchen/laundry facilities.
There are many hotels within 20 minutes of the retreat, as well.

Cost: $275/person, and includes all workshops and meals.

Registration closes August 10th.