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Krista Detor

QUOTES:  Krista Detor's Albums, Productions & Performances

Thursday, December 31, 2015

QUOTES nbspKrista Detors Albums, Productions  Performances
'BARELY' Reviews

Barely listed as BEST OF 2015:
The Quiet Revolution FM
Stafford FM
Canadian Broadcasting Company - The Early Show
Folk Radio UK
de Krenten uit de pop Magazine
The Miller Tells Her Tale Podcast
and more!

12/28/15 - Musiekwerld /
"[a] vocal and poetic masterpiece.." - 4.5 stars

11/17/15 - Gretchen Peters, Grammy-winning songwriter and Nashville Songwriting Hall of Fame Inductee
".. Cannot stop listening to new album by [kristadetor] "Barely".
As deep and full of secrets as the sea. Go get this record now. Wow."

11/15/15 - Moors Magazine, NL
"An intimate masterpiece.."

11/01/15 - De krenten uit de pop - by Erwin Zijleman
"A stunner.. timeless... the very best in the genre!"

10/31/15 - Johnny' - Theo Volk
"Beautiful.. a wonderful album..."

FATEA Magazine, UK - Harry Thomson
Review of 'Barely':  "Play to death, simple as that really..."

10/26/15 - Lonesome Highway - by Paul McGee
"Krista Detor is a rare talent in an industry that is overcrowded with artistic wanabees. Her literary gifts are equally matched by her song craft and musicianship and she sings in a voice that can be sweetly seductive, yet capable of great power when she opens out her full range."

10/25/15 - East Portland Blog - Chris Nickson
"Some albums are made for the here and now, and that’s fine. Others are for the ages. Barely is one to still play years from now. It’s music that won’t age..      a rare and amazing talent.."
PERFORMANCE REVIEWS __________________________________________________________________________

The Next Gig/ - Erway Teksten
Review of Krista Detor Live at The Odeon, (Groningen, Holland area)
"With beautiful, touching and joyful moments.. (Detor is) a gifted artist...
in which light and dark alternate.."

FATEA Magazine, UK - Peter Cowley
Review of Krista Detor Live at the Atkinson, (Leeds, England) 10/15:
" of the very finest of modern songwriters.."

2/26/15 - Cincinnati Enquirer
"The wheels on her plane have barely touched down as Krista hits the ground running from some worldwide tour. Luckily for you this time it's your town!"

2/15/15 - WNC Magazine by Louisa Dyer
Review of Krista Detor and The Breeze Bends the Grass (North Carolina Stage Company, Charleston, NC)
"Soul-Punching Talent!.."
FLAT EARTH DIARY REVIEWS _____________________________________________________________________________

6/18/14 - Revolver / Lust for Life - 5 Stars!

6/17/14 - with Joost Festen
"With Flat Earth Diary Detor has delivered a personal album that may easily be her best yet. The book is an entertaining addition, enabling listeners to follow the creative process, and is inseparable from the energetic songs about the inner life of the singer.
4 out of 5 stars!"
For original Dutch:

4/10/14 - No Depression
"It’s four years since the last album but she’s back with a cracker, packed full of music that intrigues and seduces, with layer after layer of gorgeous detail to be uncovered by repeated listening.."

4/09/14 - RTV Drenthe, Holland (Harry's Blues)
"Listen to every note and every word of this masterly production..creative.. beautiful and impressive.."

3/14/14 - R2 Rock n Reel Magazine, UK
"As close to a perfect album.. as I have heard in a very long time.." 5 Stars!

3/13/14 - Johnny's Garden, NL
"..Truly exquisite.. an excellent album.."

2/22/14 - Heaven Magazine, Holland
"Mesmerizing.. ingenious.." 9 out of 10 stars!

2/21/14 - Goodreads
Flat Earth Diary Book & CD
"[she] is one of the jewels of Gen X.. a reluctant genius.."

2/20/14 - De Morgen, Belgian National Newspaper
"Stunning songs!" 4 stars!

2/19/14 - Chris Nickson, Fortnightlyish Blogspot
"You’d be hard pressed to find much in 2014 that’ll match this..."

2/05/14 - Mike Davies, NetRhythms, UK
"[Flat Earth Diary is] already guaranteed a place in my year's best of list and it really should find one in yours too.."

2/8/14 - Marie Crichton, BBC Shropshire
"Lovely album!"

2/7/14 - Written In Music, Holland
"Miniature drawings strung together by Krista's beautiful voice and beautifully connecting instrumentation.. Hypnotic.. almost too beautiful.."

2/6/14 - The Stereobox, U.S.
"What genre classification can we place her in? The answer is “who cares?” When an artist produces music of this caliber, what does it matter the genre? Krista truly produces great music... this album is mesmerizing.."

1/24/14  - Because Music Matters, UK
"Krista’s writing and performance heightens all the senses, creating a world that is surreal and yet absolutely visceral; her lyrics evoke imagery, feelings and experiences that add up to much more than the sum of the words she so beautifully weaves... Mesmerizing.. Effortless sublimity.."

1/20/14 - Rootstime, Belgium
"Krista paints finely tuned phrases in tender pastels and surreal sweeps.. it's new magic again and again.."

1/2014 - Maverick Magazine, Nashville TN - 5 Stars!
"Magnificent.. a cornucopia of ... opportunities to wail “Wow...”  

1/2014 - Kippenvel, Ruud Heijer (Netherlands)
"Thus Detor again proves, twelve times over, that she is a versatile singer- songwriter of timeless class."

1/2014 - De Krenten Uit Pop
"A great album by an enormous talent!"

12/2013 - BBC Scotland, Iain Anderson
"[Krista Detor is] America's best kept secret.."

11/2013 - BBC Radio Ulster, Gerry Kelly (Ireland)
"Absolutely fantastic.."

11/2013 - Newry Democrat (Ireland)
"Flat out brilliant!"